Personal Branding
for Entrepreneurs


Vim + Zest Personal Branding supports entrepreneurs to be the engaging front face of your business brand, to lead the way, grow more customers and build sales.


Too Often Business Brands Are Lost.
No Leader in Front to Build Trust.

How We Work With You. Tailored & Timely

We’ve designed our Personal Branding packages in a modular framework to fit your business timing and business cycle. Begin with the Foundations of Brand Identity, then proceed with one of the six options, in your chosen order.

Start Here. Personal Branding Foundations.

Our Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs Foundations package establishes a strong foundational Personal Brand profile: Brand identity, messaging, content, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs. Deliverables.

The Foundational Brand Strategy. Articulates your brand DNA: identity, markets, audiences & messages. Know how to clearly speak about yourself.

Whom are you speaking to? Evaluating your key markets & audiences. Locating the cut-through opportunities for brand growth.

Understanding your market context. Analysis of market positioning in relation to key competitors/ collaborators. Best in class examples.

Search Engine optimised content recommendations across your 3 key content pillars, includes an outline for 3 content pieces.

What you need to say in all of your communications channels: the essential pieces of information in each market.

Instagram or LinkedIn recommendations to build your brand visibility. Includes sample content with imagery and copy.

All of our modules have specific, detailed Deliverables. Please talk to us to find more.

Where You Work With Us.
Tailored & Flexible.


A total Personal Branding package delivered online across 6 x 1.5 hour mentoring sessions. Enjoy the flexibility of delivery within your timeframe.

Byron Bay

Stay at one of Australia’s most premium luxurious resorts, Elements of Byron. During the day you’ll work face to face with our entire team and photographer.

We Come To You

If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Brisbane, our Personal Branding experts will come to you. Think of it as your Personal Brand, home delivered.


I Want to Know More.

Personal Branding is the smartest lead generation and business building strategy that any entrepreneur can ever implement. 


As an entrepreneur, you need to be the face of your venture.  


Your story, your vision, your values are an arsenal to engage your tribe and build the foundations of the consumer purchase decision.


People like to buy from people, not anonymous brands. It’s a simple fact.

As an entrepreneur you’re the person who’s the visible face of your business. When you build your authentic profile, your business brand grows as well, which in turn grows your Personal Brand – all in an upward spiral movement. 


This is the incredible compounding effect that entrepreneurs can harness. It’s

called The Brand Spiral. Personal Branding gives your business brand a very potent ‘pull’ power. 


Branding yourself is an investment that pays off many times over.

We work hard to earn a good reputation that opens the critical doors for us. Reputation is both personal honour and extends far beyond our commercial undertaking. Trusting someone to represent us and what we stand for is a big deal. 


“Will they turn me into something I’m not?” 


Our answer – no. Mastering social media Personal Branding is essential to build the networks you want for your business growth. The key here to grow genuine confidence to share the authentic message you want, in the way you want, comes from ensuring your story is 100% really you. That’s where we start. 

We only work with authentic leaders. 

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a very real psychological process in which we doubt our talents and ability, even if we’ve succeeded in the past. It’s rife among entrepreneurs. We’ve seen it over and over again.


“Any second now, they’re going to realise I’m a fraud!”.. this is what we hear…


Our Personal Branding services are not just about building your tribe and establishing you as a leader, but also providing you with the mentoring required to support you build the foundations to communicate with total confidence and complete accuracy. We excel in Personal Branding for leaders with this approach.

Vim + Zest isn’t yet another factory for social media influencers obsessed with vanity likes. 


Our purpose-driven methodology is different – and it’s taken years of trialling and perfecting. We use a research data-approach to produce future-focused branding and communications materials designed to fully engage your target audience. To lead the conversation, not just participate in it.


Our strategic research, analysis and recommendations are designed to get you talking about the things your audience want to know – before they even knew they wanted to know it.



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