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Personal Branding for Executives &
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Personal Branding builds visibility for leaders where it counts. In a highly competitive arena, attracting the attention of key decision makers and recruiters is more important than ever.  For those ready to secure a new C-Suite position or achieve a new Board role or get promoted, the time is now.


If you’re in a career transition, did you know that over 85% of recruiters, headhunters and HR professionals will be reviewing your online reputation and making assessments based upon what they see.


You are who Google says you are. You can no longer afford to be invisible or have a mediocre online presence. 


Our intensive online Personal Branding program is specifically designed to strategically build your online profile, leverage your organisation’s brand equity and navigate Corporate Affairs directives. 

Your Authentic Personal Branding Online Presence

Our Executive & Managers Personal Branding online journey is tailor-made to optimise your career transition in a series of 5 modules delivered in a 6 week timeframe. Initially we build your Personal Brand foundations within a strategic and contextual audience-centric communications matrix.


Through data-informed story-telling we build your brand with SEO Content and an optimised LinkedIn, PR and speaking engagement strategy. Our designers and photographers visually style you to present you at your authentic best.

Building Your Personal Brand at Work: A One Year Journey

Our Personal Branding for Executives & Managers can be undertaken in a year-long format. Delivered in a 4 quarter structure, each module consists of a series of intensive Zoom workshops. The first 2 modules are completed in the first quarter. You can request a specific focus depending upon your business needs. Monthly instalments give you budgetary flexibility.

A Clear Set of Deliverables

Fast-Track Your Executive Team’s Growth

Have a Personal Branding group workshop especially tailored for your executive leadership team. When an organisation’s leaders engage audiences with conviction and authentic visibility then business brand equity increases dramatically, which boosts returns and market valuation. It’s a double win investment. Talk to us about our group workshops. We’ll craft one for your specific needs.


Let’s Talk about How We Support Growing Your Authentic Professional Visibility.

Personal Branding is a very personal journey. We take confidentiality very seriously. So make a time in our calendar, linked below, to talk to us. We understand that out of hours and weekends appointments might be preferable for you. These timeframes are available.

Let's Work Together. Create Impact. Do Good.