Adam Foot

Technology & Mineral Professional, 
Diversity Champion, Engineer

Driven by strong values, Adam is passionate about delivering
social value to communities and using technology in a responsible way to ensure sustainability. Personal Branding has supported him to achieve a new career position and industry peak body leadership.

An investment that pays for itself

Project outcomes with long-term value


new website


New executive
career role


New role: Chair,

Project Brief

A Personal Branding Strategy to attract a new career position that developed Adam’s generalist, engineer-based skill set with his values-driven creativity and ability to ‘see the whole picture’ and ‘think outside of the box’. Define his messaging and update social media with new logo, photography and a website that integrated his unique personal expression with a professional focus.

What We Did

Personal Branding Strategy, Web Design, Photography, Wardrobe Styling, Social Media Strategy, Visual Design

We intensively workshopped Adam’s Personal Brand with him, designed a new logo, and art-directed a photography shoot to define his new visual identity. We then built a stunning new website that positioned him as a leader in his field, which made him an attractive candidate who confidently communicates his unique style in a corporate environment.

The Result

Adam attained a new, upgraded career position that included a prestigious postgraduate degree opportunity. His website sets a benchmark for authoritative, personable, values-driven leaders in a highly competitive corporate arena.

“Very happy
with this.”

Adam Foot

Colourfully, authentically you? Like Adam.

Wouldn’t it feel great to confidently be yourself in a corporate environment, like Adam? It’s not only possible, but preferable.

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