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Vim + Zest Personal Branding helps grow authentic leaders to overcome Imposter Syndrome and become confidently visible online so you can accelerate careers and enterprises, whilst making a purpose-driven impact.


Today, whether you like it or not, you are who Google says you are. Clear, strong online visibility and professional branding is what gets you ahead. Vim + Zest specialises in creating and amplifying authentic Personal Brands designed to position you with an authentic and unmissable presence across all online and social media platforms.

Tailored packages. Personalised journeys.​


In this masterclass we unpack Imposter Syndrome. Together, we find simple ways to navigate and grow more confidence in being seen for who we authentically are. Ideal if you’re curious about removing the barriers to your personal brand growth.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

How Imposter Syndrome is the barrier

How to start being authentically seen 

Effective silencing of Imposter Syndrome

Personal Branding Workshops

An informative, fun 3 workshop program if you’re aspiring to define and grow your professional branding. A series of online, informative half-day workshops if you’re seeking individual and group learning and want to build networks and connections.

How to Build a Personal Brand
Personal Branding for career change

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

The Personal Branding Journey

Our signature professional branding program comprises 6 modules, which can be done as a residential Byron Bay immersive or over 12 months online. Start with Personal Branding Foundations and then choose which module suits your best timing.

One year, 6 Modules

Personal Branding Foundations

Visual branding, video & photography

Wardrobe & Styling

Personal Brand website

Advanced social media & SEO content

Speaking & interview mastery

Consultancy: Executive Leaders

One to one, highly personalised Personal Branding communications. Customised, individualised service for high performers: coaching, ongoing mentoring, retreats and Platinum Retainer. Intensive leadership development. Premium brand positioning.

Intensive, personalised coaching

Immersives: Byron Bay, Singapore, London

Personal Brand Photography, Video & Logo 

Highly confidential, Thought Leadership growth

Future trending, leadership subject matter

Advanced social media & SEO content

Managing media complexity & challenges

Speaking & interview mastery

Complete Service: Deliverables

Vim + Zest is the world’s only full-service Personal Branding agency for leaders. We have been operating at the apex of Personal Branding for years. Our service set is fully integrated: social media, website design, PR and media training, visual styling, photography and video, content marketing. You have a full toolbox at your disposal.

Centre of attention. The complete package.

A Dedicated Specialist Team

Your Personal Branding team comprises industry-leading Creative Directors, Senior Designers, Strategists, Senior PRs, Editors and Copywriters, Art Directors, SEO Specialists and creatives, all ready to help you express your authenticity, build online visibility and grow commercial returns.

Who we work with. Case studies.

Bobbie Foot

Head, BHP Operating System Deployment East, BHP.
Global WIM100, 2020

Imagine being invited to speak at the United Nations three times – once in Geneva and twice online, then being asked to head a UN Department? That’s what happened to Bobbie Foot after working with us.

Lachlan Wilson

Founder and Director

What if you had a choice of three new C-Suite opportunities – with significant salary increase – because you grew your Personal Brand? Then you completed and started your own consultancy. Lachlan did.

Karen Freedman

Principal Coach and Founder

What if you went from referrals only to strong online visibility and high LinkedIn engagement to attract an ideal audience of C-Suites from private enterprise, diplomatic and government sectors? Karen did.

Adam Foot

Technology & Mineral Professional Diversity Champion | Engineer

What if you were in a career transition, unsure of your new move and then attracted a new role that optimised your generalist skill set and offered a lucrative post-graduate degree opportunity? Adam did.

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