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Vim + Zest Personal Branding supports leaders to achieve new opportunities by being authentically visible online. Overcome Imposter Syndrome and rebrand yourself with an experienced Senior Personal Brand Coach or start your year-long Professional Brand journey.

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We give you the right tools and know-how to confidently communicate an authentic YOU, build Thought Leadership and grow your audience. With over 28 years of senior communications, Vim + Zest are international specialists in creating and amplifying authentic Personal Brands.

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The What

Your Personal Brand is your image and reputation. It’s how you tell your story and communicate your authority with relatability – to grow connections.


Your reputation is your most valuable asset. It enables you to increase your leadership, accelerate your career trajectory and attract the prized opportunities you want. 


Personal Branding helps you to identify who you are, articulate what you stand for, rebrand yourself and be visible to your audience set. 


Most people’s biggest challenge to being seen is Imposter Syndrome. This results in shunning the limelight and remaining invisible. Which of course sabotages success.


Yet being seen for who you authentically are enables you to live your purpose and achieve your goals. 

Authentic, audience-centric Personal Branding is not about being an ‘Influencer’. Far from it. Personal Branding is based on silencing any inner fraudsters, audience-centric leadership communications, storytelling mastery and establishing a robust digital and social media ecosystem with Thought Leadership content.


Your professional image or reputation precedes you. Make it say what you want.

The Why

When you have a strong Personal Brand, people seek you out. Opportunities come to you.


People want to buy from people they know and trust. Not from anonymous brands. 


First impressions count. It takes only 1/10 of a second to form an initial impression of someone. Being able to present yourself and communicate authenticity, credibility and authority – with empathy – is key. 


When you start with a strong impression, you build the trust and connections that opens doors to new opportunities.


Today, whether you like it or not, you are who Google says you are. Over 85% of recruiters and head-hunters start their recruitment journey with an online search. You have an online profile, whether you nurture it or not. It needs to be good.


Leadership visibility grows business returns. A World Economic Forum study showed that, on average, more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. It’s people who create reputations.


Personal Branding is the most effective lead generation strategy there is. Strong, strategic Personal Brands grow organisational brands, and vice versa. 


Investing in Personal Branding with senior Personal Brand coaches grows dividends and organisational brand equity.

The How

What’s the best way for you to build your authentic Personal Brand? 

Depending upon your current position and goals, we work with your individual Personal Branding journey in one of four ways. 


Our signature Consulting package is a high level personalised Personal Brand Coaching intensive delivered in a format, location, and time that best suits you. Our expert team creates and amplifies your Personal Brand with Thought Leadership subject matter, a speaking engagement strategy, website, styling, video, photography and more.


It’s ideal for enterprise growth, investor pitching or sales lead generation, or if you want a new CEO or other C Suite position, or Board appointment.


Our Personal Branding Journey package is for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Managers seeking to define and build an online professional brand. Commencing with a 6 week Foundations module, it is sequenced with 5 additional modules with in-built flexibility to meet your needs. 


Just starting your Personal Branding journey? Our half day online workshops are designed to help you create your profile.


Our highly accessible, online Masterclasses support beginners to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

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In this Masterclass we find ways to silence the inner saboteur of Imposter Syndrome. Together, we find ways to become comfortable with being seen so we can start the authentic Personal Branding journey with more confidence and visibility.

Personal Branding Workshops

For aspiring leaders wanting to accelerate their career or seeking to grow their solopreneur enterprise or micro business.  A fun, informative 3 workshop program, delivered online in half-day blocks. Small groups only – highly applied learning.

The Personal Branding Journey

For aspiring leaders to grow their Personal Brand. Commence with the Foundations, follow with additional modules: Styling & Photography, Website, Speaking Mastery, Social Media, Pitching. Residential Byron Bay immersive or 12 months online.

Consultancy: Executive Leaders

Highly personalised one-to-one Personal Branding communications for Executives and Entrepreneurs. Premium, customised, service for high performers: coaching, ongoing mentoring, retreats and Platinum Retainer. International or Byron Bay delivery.

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