Dr Sarah Jane Kelly OAM

Honorary Professor & Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Sarah Jane Kelly is a leader in sports governance and entrepreneurship. She forges the new pathways needed to create the social impact, legacy and sustainability demanded by both elite and community sports.

Dr Sarah Jane Kelly OAM

Non-Executive Director, Consultant, Speaker, Honorary Professor & Honorary Associate Professor, eSports, Sports Law & Marketing

Project Brief

Personal Brand Map with strategic and stylistic recommendations across all channels for Dr Sarah Jane Kelly’s profile building. It is designed to position her as an authoritative successful leader within a Sports Entrepreneurship, Consultancy and Education with a style and tone of voice that’s uniquely hers.

What We Did

Personal Brand Strategy, Social Media upgrade, SEO content strategy, Photography shoot

Vim + Zest created an audience-centric, Google-optimised content, social media and EDM strategy to amplify Assoc Prof Sarah Jane Kelly’s key messages and brand storytelling. We designed and produced a photoshoot which visually conveys Dr Sarah Jane’s authority and approachability.

The Result

An optimised Personal Brand map that supports the launch of a social-impact sports consultancy and entrepreneurship framework.

“done a great job”

You have done a great job… I think that the personal branding is great, and really helps to set everything up well.

Dr Sarah Jane Kelly OAM
Honorary Professor & Honorary Associate Professor


Opportunities for valuable new projects arose because of increased online visibility. You can have this as well.

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