Jeremy & Jones

Operators of Iconic, Independently Branded Luxury Hotels

Jeremy & Jones, as Managers of independent luxury hotels, and champions of design-led creativity and curation of authentic, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, enable the Hotel Developers/ Operators of independent luxury hotels to build the Brand Equity that creates commercial advantage.

Jeremy & Jones

Operators of Iconic, Independently Branded Luxury Hotels


New luxury Byron Bay
hotel launch


New consultancy launch

Project Brief

In the launch phase of Jeremy & Jones, a new premium luxury hotel consultancy, we were tasked with growing the leadership profiles of its two founders. We needed to distil the Value Propositions of two interlinked Personal Brands – for founders Jeremy Holmes and David Jones – refine their key messages and activate social media. Our goal was to create the Brand Spiral for a referral-based market of independent luxury hotel Developers and Managers through a branding, communications and social media strategy.

What We Did

Personal Brand Strategy, Social Media upgrade, SEO content strategy, Email Marketing upgrade

Vim + Zest created an audience-centric branding strategy driven by compelling Google-optimised content, signature social media and an EDM strategy that articulated Jeremy & Jones’ distinct point of difference in a highly competitive premium, luxury hotel management space.

We devised an optimised concierge-led article strategy to improve organic rankings, created an upgraded social media presence with new elevated content that showcases their offering and designed an aspirational EDM strategy, with new look and feel, to drive booking conversion.

The Result

In a consultancy context, where clients engage with a brand because of the leadership reputation, Jeremy & Jones now lead their sector with a pipeline of referrals. Their sharper social media, website and pitch process have cemented their market position – even before the first hotel was built and opened its doors.

Jeremy Holmes & David Jones are the visible, relatable leaders of their brand.

“Very strong outcome”

Very strong outcome from our recent Personal Branding exercise with Vim + Zest. Can highly recommend this to anyone needing to define or refine their personal public profile.

Co-Founder and Director
Jeremy & Jones

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