Melissa De Bortoli

Committee Chair, Board Member, Management Accountant, Financial Analysis Specialist, Rice Grower

Rice industry leader and food stability advocate creating change across multiple industries through Board-level leadership and meticulous financial management.

Melissa De Bortoli
B.Bus (Acc), M.Prop, GAICD

Committee Chair, Board Member, Management Accountant, Financial Analysis Specialist, Rice Grower


Rice Marketing Board and
Committee Chair appointment


Number of Votes


Board appointment
to an ASX 100
company: SunRice

Project Brief

To secure two Board appointments in intensely competitive arenas. Our brief was to significantly grow Melissa De Bortoli’s profile and encourage voters in the rice industry to elect her to the Rice Marketing Board and the SunRice Board as a Grower Director. We were tasked with supporting her to distil and persuasively communicate her key messages, grow her profile on social media, in the media, with print collateral and give powerful speaking engagements to her audiences.


What We Did

Personal Brand Strategy, Social Media upgrade, Brochure creation, Media training

We worked with Melissa De Bortoli in two stages, in 2021 and then again in 2023. In our initial stage we devised a Personal Branding strategy that set the foundations for greater online visibility. We distilled her key leadership talking points, upgraded her social media presence, and designed a new visual brand signature for her. We supported her with media training and speaking engagement presentations. In our second Personal Branding project, we created and amplified the communications foundations for an appointment to the SunRice Board.

The Result

An appointment to the SunRice Board, a leading Australian ASX company, in 2023.
An appointment to the Rice Marketing Board in 2021 – with Melissa securing the highest vote count – and a Committee Chair position.

“I was successful”

​​Just a quick note to let you know that it was announced today that I was successful in the SunRice grower director elections.

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team.

Melissa De Bortoli
Committee Chair, Rice Marketing Board
Grower Director, SunRice Board

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