Personal Branding for Business Growth



Personal Branding for Business Growth

FREE WEBINAR: Wednesday 28 February 2024, 2-3pm AEDT

Personal Branding for Business Growth

Are you missing out on a potential additional 500% target market reach?

FACT: people like to buy from people – far more than anonymous brands.

Did you know when employees share brand messages on their social media, it receives 561% more reach than when shared on the brand’s social media account?*

Personal Branding is the key to unlocking business growth.

When organisations have a visible human face in front of them, they grow audiences faster and more easily. This is called The Brand Spiral.

Growing leadership visibility is one of the most effective forms of lead generation.

Learn how to harness this opportunity – in an authentic way.

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Wednesday 28 February, 2-3pm AEDT


Wednesday 28 February, 2-3pm AEDT

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 


  1. Define your authentic Personal Brand
  2. Get all the foundations of your Personal Brand right
  3. Build your online network through your Personal Brand
  4. What the Brand Spiral is – and how you can use it to grow your brand

Be the visible, effective front face of your organisation. Learn how.


Trudy Johnston,
Vim + Zest Personal Branding

Former University Lecturer (UNSW, Masters level) and Senior Personal Branding specialist, Trudy Johnston has been a driving force behind change-makers for more than 29 continuous years.

She’s mentored business leaders, Hollywood actresses and internationally renowned artists to actualise their purpose and create impact.

What Attendees Said

‘I always love listening to you and all your wonderful advice and knowledge. A special treat.’

– Rosemarie, Byron and Beyond Networking

‘I just want to say what fantastic content. It’s so good to hear such a well thought through approach. You have helped me grapple with something today by your explanations.’

– James, PCI Group

‘What a brilliant presentation…very informative and to be honest so much info to take in.’

– Mark, NCMC Foods