Phil Hatchard

Founder and Managing Director,
Actual Intelligence

Having delivered talent solutions for Google, Microsoft and Adobe at senior levels for many years, Phil Hatchard founded Actual Intelligence, a tech consultancy and coaching organisation that expertly matches people and culture to create high impact results.

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Project Brief

To launch Actual Intelligence, a tier one talent and coaching consultancy specialising in the tech sector, Phil Hatchard needed to build his online profile as the visible Founder and Managing Director of Actual Intelligence. The brief was to establish the brand for Actual Intelligence, distill the Brand Value Proposition for both Phil and the organisation, ideate key messages and create a premium visual brand identity, social media and website.

What We Did

Personal Branding, Styling, Photography, Social Media Strategy, SEO Content Strategy, Design, Website

Vim + Zest devised an upgraded Personal Brand approach, created professional photography assets, built an optimised organisational website and elevated social content strategy to convey his unique point of difference and offerings to his market. Phil’s strategic Brand Strategy was designed to create a Brand Spiral movement which amplifies both his Personal Brand and has enabled a strong foundation to launch Actual Intelligence.

The Result

Phil Hatchard successfully launched his tech talent and coaching consultancy, Actual Intelligence to a highly positive response from his extensive network. His customised Personal Branding strategy meant that he launched his new organisational brand with gravitas and authority. His new creative assets build awareness of his key competitive advantage amongst his network and strongly promote his offerings.

'I'm so proud of it!'

The website look and feel is amazing. I’m so proud of it! So humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the public launch of Actual Intelligence. Thank you all so much.

Managing Director, Actual Intelligence

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