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Vim + Zest Personal Branding helps Executives transition careers, upgrade their roles and get board appointments by building online visibility and growing authentic reputations.


When Career Brilliance Gets Overlooked Online Visibility Generates the Success

How We Work With You. A Flexible Journey.

All our Personal Branding packages are designed within a module framework. You start with the Foundation module (below). Once it’s complete, you proceed with one of the 6 options, in your chosen order.

Start Here. Personal Branding Foundations.

Our Personal Branding for Executives Foundations package establishes a strong foundational Personal Brand profile: Brand identity, messaging, content, LinkedIn.

Personal Branding for Executives. Deliverables.

Foundational strategy. Articulates your brand DNA: identity, markets, audiences & messages. You feel confident in how to speak about yourself – with clarity.

An assessment of key markets & audiences to ensure that all your communications reaches your intended audiences perfectly. 

A contextual analysis of where you sit in relation to your key competitors/ collaborators. Best in class examples, to reveal opportunities to lead.

Google-optimised content recommendations across primary subject matter and topics, includes full content outline.

The essential pieces of information you need to communicate in all of your channels and in each market.

LinkedIn (or Instagram/Facebook where appropriate) recommendations to build brand visibility. Includes sample content to grow recognition, networks and memorability.

All of our modules have specific, detailed Deliverables. Please talk to us to find more.

Where You Work With Us.
Tailored & Flexible.


A total Personal Branding package delivered online. Six 1.5 hour mentoring sessions delivered within your timeframe.

Byron Bay

Stay in premium Byron Bay luxury. Elements of Byron or equivalent. Work face to face with our team & photographer.


I Want to Know More.

Whether you’re in a career transition or want to upgrade into a C-Suite role, attain a Board appointment or build your network, your Personal Brand is the vehicle that gives you visibility and takes you there. 


Why? 85% of recruiters and headhunters actively seek out executives with a strong, congruent and engaging online presence. Developing your personal brand in an authentic way that shows ‘genuine you’ is not only essential for your success, but an investment that pays off many times over.

Reputation and visibility is key for executives and managers. Consider this: if you’re on social media, you have a Personal Brand that is impacting your reputation right now. 


Did you know 87% of executives rate managing their reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks? Or that 58% believe their Personal Brand should be addressed, but only 15% actually do anything about it. 


Which percentage do you sit in?


If you’re not already developing your Personal Brand, consider it as your ultimate insurance policy.

The most essential skill of any executive is to communicate clearly and articulately. Consider Executive Personal Branding as the ultimate executive education program – because it grows these fundamental skills. Our approach is to anchor in a strong base and build from there.


When you need Personal Branding for an individual leader or you need a tailored Personal Branding workshop for multiple executives, all of our programs are all based on a strategic, step by step sequence that’s been proven many times over. 


Personal Branding is always a journey, and best done with keen focus. We start with an intensive workshop, then follow up with weekly sessions. The whole program runs for approximately six weeks. 


They are designed around your schedule, location and timezone. Completely customised for your needs.


You can easily work with us online via Zoom, or come and have a luxurious stay in Byron Bay, Australia, staying at Elements of Byron, an internationally renowned 5 star beachfront resort (or the equivalent, if the resort is booked out) or we come to you and deliver a day-long workshop at your business premises, with follow up.

Corporate Affairs departments manage all aspects of business communications of an organisation. Typically they’re very busy with this brief and, in most cases, don’t usually focus on building the profile of individual executives. You could think of Executive Personal Branding as a high level executive training course because it intensively grows communications capacities.


We work intensively with each executive to build an online presence, find the right audience, strategise the right SEO content strategy and social media. Expert personal styling, photography, logo and colour palette design and web builds are also available.

Personal Branding is an act of becoming more visible online. It’s a very personal journey. Sometimes the timing is spot on, and sometimes it’s not quite right. 


If we can see that you’re not quite ready and need more time to ascertain your goals or complete something in your life, we’ll be upfront and let you know. As with any executive leadership course or professional development, the best executive leadership programs are tailored and undertaken at the right time.


Because we’re totally invested in you achieving your outcomes, when you succeed, so do we. It’s that simple. Just talk to us.



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