Debra Laughlin

Addiction Specialist​

What She Needed Help With

Debra needed to build her profile as an authoritative, successful leader in her field. She needed to establish a unique, effective style and tone of voice across all channels through the development of a strong personal narrative that would extend across to her business, Worthiness Academy.

What We Did

Devised and led an intensive seven-day Personal Branding workshop, executed a competitive audit, target audience analysis, developed buyer personas and delivered social media training. We developed a signature colour palette, built a highly targeted SEO content and social media strategy, and designed and developed an entirely new (User Experience) UX focussed website.

The Result

A strong, authoritative personal brand that established Debra as a leading voice in her field which elevated The Worthiness Academy as a strong contender for those seeking healing from addiction. We amplified Debra’s authoritative tone of voice and drew out her unique personal style. We clarified her strong personal narrative through articulating her strong values and demonstrated her life’s mission to empower others.


Imagine having a website and social media presence that helped your audience engage with complex subject matter in a digestible and welcoming way? When your Personal Brand is crafted with authenticity and relatability, you too can present as strongly as Debra does.


As an Entrepreneur, your Personal Branding journey starts here.


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